Updated Hours and Curbside Process

Jennifer Trevino

In an effort to keep everyone safe we will be following this process for curbside drop off and pick up Tuesday thru Friday from 11-1.
If you need to drop something off:

  1. Call us from the parking area 602 277-0694.
  2. Place the item on the shelf, on the post right outside the door and return to your car.
  3. We will come out right away and pick it up.
  4. Smile and wave at each other!!

If you are picking an order up:

  1. Call us from the parking area, please stay in your car 602 277-0694.
  2. We will come out and place your purchase on the "post shelf" and go back into the shop.
  3. After we are back inside, you can then pick up your item.
  4. Smile and wave!!
Stay safe, everyone and remember...Needlework...sorting out life one stitch at a time!

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