New Markdowns, New Trunk Show

Jennifer Trevino

Hello Family!

Just a quick update to give you something to do this weekend… I’ve added more than 35 canvases to the CLEARANCE Section and several more to the 30% OFF Christmas in July and August Section. Not everything in the Christmas in July and August Section is Christmas themed so be sure to take a look. There are also some new canvases sprinkled around the website! Fun, fun, fun!!!

And speaking of Fun, the Funda Scully Trunk Show will be available very soon! I think the shipment arrives today so give me the weekend to get it online for you. I will also be receiving some canvases from a new designer next week! But you’ll have to wait and see!

As the world continues to turn upside down and I begin to lose my faith in humanity, you all, my Family, show up at the perfect time to renew my hope. Yesterday, I went out to a customer’s car to help her with some threads and she was so kind. She thanked us for the work we’re doing to keep all our stitchers supplied and then she bought us all lunch! A great big thank you going out to Julie R.! We had burgers from Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers and by the end of the meal I had thrown a grilled onion at my mom and it stuck to her forehead! And there wasn’t even any beer involved! I’d better pull it together and find my manners before I get caught in public! Everyone knows you only throw food at your mom at home! And, yes, she deserved it. Don’t ask.

I found an article about how stitching calms and heals the mind. It’s fascinating! Click here to read it. I hope you have a great weekend filled with grilled onions and food fights!

Love to all,


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