Ideas for New Stitchers

Jennifer Trevino

Do you know someone who wants to learn how to needlepoint but doesn't know where to start? Get them started with a Canoodles or Stitch and Zip Kit!  Canoodles Kits are great for kids to learn how to needlepoint.  They are fun, affordable, and a complete needlepoint kit. 100% cotton embroidery floss, needle, and easy to follow instructions are included. They're available in many fun designs and the design size is 7" x 5", big enough to feel like you actually stitched something and small enough to actually complete! 

Stitch and Zip Kits are fun, too.  These kits tend to have more mature designs but there are plenty to choose from. They come in three different sizes: Cosmetic bag, eyeglass/phone case, and coin/credit card size. The kits include cotton embroidery thread, needle, and instructions. No finishing required. Nylon zipper and fabric back. When you finish stitching these, you have a completely finished and useable piece of needlepoint.  They're also great for experienced stitchers who could use a break. 

Because we have so many bored kids (and friends) at home right now, these kits are the perfect "Just Because I Love You' gift. Pass on the joy of needlepoint.  Find both kits here:

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