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If you are interested in a specific canvas, click on the canvas for a larger photo. On the detail page, you may reserve the canvas by completing the requested information. Family Arts will receive an email regarding your reservation and call you for payment and, if needed, shipping information. Would you like us to pull fibers for you and design a Stitch Guide? We would love to help. Just provide the information on your reservation.
If the canvas has been sold, we will be happy to order one for you.

Category Image Quantity Quantity Reserved Number Price Status
Trunk Show

Christmas Cat

1 0 ChrisCat $63.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

Holiday Coasters

1 0 chriscoast $110.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

Coaster with B/W trim

1 0 Coasters1 $90.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

Crosseyed Pumpkin

1 0 crosspump $54.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

Crow with Pumpkins

1 0 crowpum $202.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

Dog with Raindeer Antlers

1 0 DogDeer $41.00 For Sale
Stitch Guides

Elton, The Near-Sighted Owl

5 0 Elton $25.00 For Sale
Destination Dallas

Faith, Hope, Love

1 0 FHL $152.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

When Pigs Fly

1 0 FlyPig $124.00 For Sale
Destination Dallas

Santa in plane

1 0 GA04 $92.00 For Sale
Stitch Guides

Gladys, The Starry-Eyed Owl

5 0 Gladys $25.00 For Sale
Destination Dallas

Giraffe 2

1 0 grff2 $32.00 For Sale
Destination Dallas


1 0 gryele $32.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

Halloween Cat

1 0 Hallowcat $54.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

My Hero 1

1 0 Hero1 $108.00 For Sale
Trunk Show

My Hero 2

1 0 Hero2 $108.00 For Sale
Destination Dallas


1 0 hs1 $32.00 For Sale
Trunk Show


1 0 LOVE $139.00 For Sale
Destination Dallas

Cat with orange bird

1 0 LR100 $138.00 For Sale
Destination Dallas

Santa with Cardinals

1 0 MHP2564 $95.00 For Sale
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